Little David Wilkins is an American country music singer, songwriter, and
pianist. The first thing you notice about Little David Wilkins is he’s certainly
not little. He is over 280 pounds of fun and entertainment. His greatest love
is entertaining people, seeing them smile and making them happy with his
music. Little David lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where his career started
with a song, which he wrote for Brenda Lee, “Comin On Strong”. The song
has been recorded by twenty-six artists and has sold over five million records
and counting. Wilkins has written almost one hundred songs, which have
been recorded and released by such stars as Brenda Lee, Barbara Mandrell,
Charlie Pride, Billy “Crash” Craddock, Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Jack
Greene, Leroy Van Dyke, Stonewall Jackson, Sonny James, Jerry Lee Lewis,
Percy Sledge, Mickey Gilley, and many more.

Little David was happy writing songs and entertaining in a Nashville Nitery
until Producer Owen Bradley and MCA Records offered him a recording
contract which produced him four National Top Ten Hits and several Top
Twenty Hits such as, “One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show”, Butterbeans” and
“The Good Night Special”. Little David has always attracted some of the
greatest record producers, including his first producer and the father of Rockn-Roll,
Sam Phillips of Sun Records in Memphis, when David was twenty
years old.

Sam Phillips discovered Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins,
and Roy Orbison, to name a few. David feels so blessed to have been put in
this stable of stars. Wilkins has recorded eight albums including the CD
album “Boogie Woogie Man,” a must for anyone’s music library. In 2014
JAM Record’s A&R Director, Cal Freeman, started producing Little David.
The CD album “Farther Down The Road,” was their first collaboration
marking the beginning of his comeback after a 25 year hiatus. The newest
album “Hero,” includes new recordings of his major hits and a few new
surprises including “T-R-O-U-B-L-E”, the song that was written for and
about Little David Wilkins, but missing a chance to record it before Elvis and
Travis Tritt, and the song “Hero” a huge pop hit originally released by
Enrique Iglesias.

If another adjective were invented for this extraordinary, unparalleled
performer it would have to be incredible. Incredible in performance.
Incredible in creativity. Incredible in audience appeal. What else can you
say about a man who has had nearly 100 songs recorded by himself and many
other major stars. David has written so many hits to his credit and didn’t
even start to write until he was an adult. He has written approximately 1,500
songs in his career. And what else can you say about a man who taught
himself to play the piano in three days and on the third day played in front of
an audience? Or a man who can elevate a dish of Butterbeans into the status
of a country music, comic standard. Incredible.

The reality factor has always been an important facet of Little David’s world.
His songs and performances, rich with tongue-in cheek subtleties, reflect that
reality. While many artists editorialize in their music about the way life
should be, Little David Wilkins sings about the way it is. “Not Tonight, I’ve
Got a Headache,” “He’ll Play The Music But You Can’t Make Him Dance,”
and “Motel Rooms,” all project the knowing reality of a man who’s been
there. Interaction with the audience and humor, down-to-earth and close to
the life styles of his audiences, also character-ize Little David’s dynamite
stage appearances. Yeah, I like to talk and mingle with my audiences. We
really have fun. I love it and they love it – being part of the show. You know
they’ll yell for “Butterbeans” that’s always first and “One Monkey Don’t Stop
No Show.” It’s funny, but they’ll stop the show until I sing it.

Life and love, viewed through humor and reality, constitute the major themes
of Wilkin’s work. Mark Twain once said that we speak and write best about
the things we know the best. If this is so, then Little David Wilkins is
eminently qualified to interpret life and love, for these are the very qualities,
the substances that fill his life.

“I love everything to do with music”, he relates. “I love touring and performing
for people. I love my fans and writing songs. It makes you feel good, to
know there’s something you’ve created”…

His audiences sense this too. From the beginning to end, he has his
audiences in the palm of his hand. It’s always a great performance. But
beyond the greatness, there’s an extra-special something about Little David
Wilkins that reaches out and engulfs his listeners. He is Magnetic and
compelling with a fire and urgency on stage. Everything about this
Charismatic performer spells out the words ENTERTAINER. Good times,
forget your troubles, and follow me time. The Little David Wilkins Show is
not just another performance. It’s a happening you won’t forget! Little David
says all he wants to do in life is keep on doing what he’s doing, MUSIC!


1967 – “Coming On Strong” – Pop Award – New York City Presentation
1978 – “Georgia Keeps Pullin’ On My Ring” – BMI Country Music Award –
1977 – “He’ll Play The Music (But You Can’t Make Him Dance)” – ASCAP
Country Music Award – Nashville


“Comin’ On Strong” – Brenda Lee
“That’s The Only Way Life’s Good To Me” – Charlie Pride
“Cry Like A Baby” – Ronnie Dove
“Afraid I Want To Love Her One More Time” – Billy “Crash” Craddock
“Put A Little Lovin’ On Me” – Percy Sledge
“Georgia Keeps Pullin’ On My Ring” – Conway Twitty
“He’ll Play The Music”… (But You Can’t Make Him Dance) – Little David


“Whoever Turned You On”
“One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show”
“Good Night Special”
“He’ll Play The Music”…(But You Can’t Make Him Dance)
“Agree to Disagree”
“Farther Down The Road”


“Little David Wilkins” “Little David On The Road”
“King Of All The Taverns” “New Horizons”
“Boogie Woogie Man” “Top Ten Hits Plus 3”
“Farther Down The Road” “Hero”


2006 Wall Of Achievement Hometown Of Parsons, Tennessee
2007 Inductee “The International Rockabilly Hall Of Fame”
2008 Inductee “The Southern Legends Entertainment & Performing Arts Hall
Of Fame”
2010 Lifetime Achievement Award Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Presentation
2012 NACMAI North American CMA Assn. International Hall of Fame
2012 George D Hay “Music Hall of Fame” Founder Grand Ole Opry”
2014 First Video to Achieve One Million Online Plays – Jam Records
“I Want To Wake Up With You”
2015 “If I Can Dream/Imagine” – Performed with Rockin’ Reggie Vinson
Reaching Over 25 Million Online Plays