Give A Living Rose – Episode 8

Give A Living Rose – Episode 8

Do you have someone in your life who’s made a huge difference? Someone who helped you through a difficult time in your life?

Kelly Lang, Nashville songwriter and performer, the host of a new television show, Give a Living Rose, has had a person like that in her life. Boyfriend and internationally known Country Western singer TG Sheppard was the rock in Kelly’s life when she suffered through breast cancer. Even as Kelly tried to push him away due to her illness, he refused to leave her side. They are now happily married.

In an episode of the show, Kelly surprises TG with a living rose to thank him for everything he had done for her. She also shares her story with the viewers in an episode that dares you to not to shed tears.

Use of a living rose as a way to show thanks is the brain child of series creator Monya Claborn. Claborn tells of how people leave cut roses on caskets after someone special passes. When she was helped through a hard time, she thought it would nice to give thanks while that person was still alive. A living rose symbolizes that never-dying thanks.

Monya and Kelly have had no problem finding other heart-warming stories to share. In fact, many of the stories feature popular personalities.

Gold medal Olympian and sports announcer Scott Hamilton gives thanks to his Olympic skating coach Don Laws. Laws thought the cameras were a part of a special about Hamilton. During a steak dinner, he was shocked to find out that the entire event was all about him.

Celebrities and every-day people are profiled. Country singer Vince Gill has his own story to share. The Governor of Tennessee and his wife also give thanks. Other profiled guests include Alabama football coach Nick Saban, Alabama coach Gene Stalling, and Roy Hallums. Hallums was buried alive in Iraq for 311 days and he gives thanks to the FBI agent who found him. There is also a story of a family whose dog was lost in Tennessee and was found by a veterinarian in Georgia.

Claborn came upon the idea of Give a Living Rose when she decided to put together a cookbook for her mother in her honor. Claborn gathered recipes from women her parents had met over the years. She was overwhelmed by the emotional responses about her mother which were returned with the recipes. When her mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, her entire family was touched by the letters and how much they meant to her mother during her lucid moments.

Seeing how such a gift can impact a family, Claborn wanted to share the feeling with others. “This is a reality series designed to celebrate the resiliency of the human spirit and mover, the special people in our lives who give of themselves unconditionally in our time of need.”